​We know from years of our own experiences that simple, strategic, smart staging is very effective in selling your home more quickly and for top dollar, while also keeping staging costs reasonable for most homeowners.

We stage only the spaces in a home that matter. Typically, that’s the living area(s) downstairs, the master bedroom, the front porch, and the downstairs bathrooms.

We have different styles of furniture and accessories that we bring in to stage with, and can usually work with pieces already in the home.

If needed, we will recommend paint colors. We may also recommend decluttering and organizing of one or more areas of your home to improve its appeal.

Typically from the first phone call, we can have your home staged in 7 to 10 days. If painting is needed, the total staging process may take a bit longer.

Affordable Memphis Home Staging Services

The Staging Process

Our belief in a well-staged home is rooted in a few principles:

  • Staging should be strategic
  • Staging should be simple
  • Staging should be smart…there’s no reason to overdo it
  • Staging should be affordable and accessible to more homeowners

So, what’s involved, exactly, in the home staging process? Here’s the general step-by-step of how it works and what you can expect when we stage your home to sell.

Step 1

You contact us to have your home evaluated for staging it to sell.

Step 2

We schedule an appointment to walk through your home, understand its layout and what furniture and accessories you have to work with, and answer any questions you have about how the staging will go.

Step 3

We share our staging recommendations with you and give you a cost for all of our work.

Step 4

We schedule a date to get your home staged.

What Makes Us Different

If you are interested in having your home staged and appreciate the benefits and value it brings when selling a home, it’s likely you are doing research to determine which local staging company is the best fit for your needs and budget. Here’s what makes us different than many other home staging companies in the Memphis area.

Simple strategic home staging company serving Memphis TN
Most home staging companies charge on a monthly basis for your use of their furniture and accessories. However, we have a fixed cost with no surprises.
Most home staging companies require full payment up front. However, we ask for half up front, and the other half when your home sells. This helps you keep more cash in hand and allows you to better budget for your move.
Being an experienced broker, I know first-hand the importance of home staging and what is necessary to make your home look its best to the highest number of home shoppers. Our approach to staging is never to "overdo it" or "over-stage" your home. That is not required in order to stage effectively.
We will not give you a large list of items you’ll need to buy in order for us to stage your home. Typically, the homeowners we stage for are asked to buy nothing. We usually have everything their property will need for well-executed staging.
We will stage only the rooms that matter. We know which spaces in a home are essential for strategic staging, and by staging only the rooms that matter keeps the costs down for you.

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